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What is Uninsured Motor Vehicle Coverage and Do I Need It?

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What is uninsured motorist coverage

Why Do I Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage

As you already know from my prior blog, “Understanding the Full Coverage Myth,” Florida requires the average, non-commercial driver to carry only Personal Injury Protection and Property Damage coverage.  While both of these coverages can assist the coverage holder in different ways, neither of these coverages protects an injury victim from the physical injuries caused by someone else in a car accident.

Bodily injury coverage is the name of the insurance which protects someone if they cause physical injuries to another in a car accident.  However, because this coverage is not currently required, many drivers on the road do not carry this coverage, or do not carry enough coverage, should they cause injury to someone else.  In fact, according to a study by the Insurance Research Counsel, Florida ranked number 1 for the highest percentage of uninsured drivers – drivers without Bodily Injury coverage – in the nation at 26.7%.


What Is Uninsured Motorist Coverage

With so many drivers on Florida’s highway and roads without insurance for physical injuries they cause in a car accident, it is important for Florida citizens to protect themselves from these dangerous drivers.  One of the best ways to do this, other than continuing to practice defensive driving, is to purchase Uninsured Motorist coverage.  Uninsured Motorist coverage is coverage which protects the purchaser in case they are injured by another driver who does not have adequate Bodily Injury coverage.  In this instance, the Uninsured Motorist coverage “steps into the shoes” of the at-fault driver.  In doing so, the Uninsured Motorist coverage provides a car accident, trucking accident, motorcycle accident and/or pedestrian accident victim another potential means of monetary recovery to compensate the injury victim for the injuries sustained.

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