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Personal Injury Lawyer Lake Mary, FLPersonal Injury Lawyer Lake Mary, FL

Deciding to work with a personal injury lawyer in Lake Mary, FL after an accident is not always a simple decision, as the lawyers from Presser Law, P.A. understand. As many people find out after they have been the victim of a personal injury accident, they may not be sure what the next steps are when it comes to filing a personal injury claim.


Shortly after the accident, you may not know you even want to file a claim. However, once those aches and pains start getting worse and you realize that more damage has been done, you may be realizing that not only do you have a long road to recovery, but you cannot afford the treatment you need.


Dog bites can happen in an instant. Even with a normally loving and friendly dog, you may be sitting on the floor playing only to have the dog sink their teeth into you the next minute. Dog bites may leave long-term or permanent damage as the dog may break through the skin and sever muscle, nerves, and tendons. This may lead the victim in a dog attack to need surgery, hospital stays, pain medication, and months to years of physical therapy. 


Brain injuries are also common and can happen after many different types of accidents like a car accident, a pedestrian accident, or a slip and fall accident. Brain damage can be minor to severe and may leave a person unable to continue their life in the same way that they were able to before. This could mean that they no longer enjoy the same hobbies or that they are no longer able to go to work and provide for their family.


Similarly, slip and fall accidents can be more serious than they initially seem. Many people who have been on someone else’s property and slipped and fell can initially be more embarrassed than anything. They may not realize the severity of their injuries until their neck is too stiff to move or they have lost mobility in their hip from falling. Brain injuries can be a result of slip and fall cases and it is important to seek medical and legal help as soon as possible after slipping and falling on someone else’s property.


Lake Mary Historical Museum

Visit The Lake Mary Museum

If you are visiting our Presser Law, P.A. office to discuss your personal injury claim, you may wish to take this opportunity to expand your experiences and visit the Lake Mary Museum, a short drive from our office. We understand that recovering from a personal injury, like a dog bite, a brain injury, or a slip and fall injury can take a toll on your mental, emotional, and physical health.


One thing we recommend when clients visit our office is taking some time to gain new experiences by visiting local sites. The Lake Mary Museum is a short drive from our office and boasts a large collection of art, artifacts, and photographs of the Lake Mary community. You will find many temporary exhibits at the museum featuring a wide array of subjects, such as nature sculptures, U.S. military artifacts, or historic photographs. 


Depending on when you come to visit, you may also be able to visit the museum during a special exhibit with local artists. Museums can offer visitors a space to learn about the past and get their minds off of the problems they are currently facing. We know that a personal injury claim can take up a great deal of time and can be thoroughly exhausting when you are at the center of it. We encourage you to take an opportunity to focus on yourself by learning about the local history around you. 

Seminole State College Lake Mary FL


Learn About Seminole State College of Florida


Are you less of a museum person and more interested in furthering your education? After a personal injury accident, the team at Presser Law, P.A. finds that many people want to get back into schooling and finish their degree or earn a new one. Especially for those who have been in more traumatic personal injury accidents like dog bites, brain injuries, and severe slip and fall cases, you may find that you are left starting fresh or may wish to earn a degree so that you can work in a different job. Located close to our office, Seminole State College of Florida is an accredited university that offers associate and baccalaureate degrees. If you are interested in furthering your education, you are likely to find exactly what you are looking for here. Boasting a number of different degree options, you can find your new path in construction, health sciences, interior design, or even nursing. 


Our personal injury lawyer in Lake Mary, Florida understands the repercussions of being in a serious personal injury accident. Not only can it be debilitating but it can also be life-changing. We encourage our clients to find something that brings them joy and allows them to get a fresh outlook on life after they have suffered from severe injuries. Choosing to go back and get an education at Seminole State College of Florida can be a great way for you to follow your passion, do something you love, and get a fresh start after suffering in a personal injury accident. Especially in instances where you may be unable to work in the same job that you had before your accident, you may find that going back to school opens up different options when it comes to your work. Check out the local college when you come by our office and see what they may have to offer you. 


Liberty Park Lake Mary FLTake a Walk Through Liberty Park in Lake Mary, Florida


Are you hoping to take more of a retreat in nature? Our team at Presser Law, P.A. recommends taking a short trip to Liberty Park in Lake Mary. Especially during a time when you have a great deal on your plate after a personal injury accident, you want to know that there is a safe place you can go to if you want to connect with nature and be alone with your thoughts. You may be leaving a big meeting from our office to determine whether you want to accept a settlement offer after a slip and fall case or you may be considering whether you want to go to court. After personal injuries accidents that leave you with injuries, you may need to take some time for yourself to figure out your options and understand what is best for you. 


Liberty Park can offer you an area that is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can take your family with you on a picnic and enjoy the sights, play in the open field, hit a few holes in golf, or take a long walk on the beautiful nature trail. Whatever your needs are, Liberty Park is sure to be able to bring you the peace you need when you are making big decisions. When you are hoping to find legal help after you have been in a personal injury accident, whether it is a dog bite, a slip and fall, or a brain injury accident, you want to know you are working with someone you can trust. For more information on retaining a lawyer for your needs, call Presser Law, P.A. to speak with our personal injury lawyer in Lake Mary, FL now.


According to Wikipedia “Lake Mary was named after Mary Sundell, the wife of Reverend J.F. Sundell, who settled on the northern shores of the lake. Lake Mary started as a village of two tiny settlements called Bent’s Station (located on the north shore of Crystal Lake) and Belle Fontaine.”




If you need legal help for your injuries, you know you can rely on the team from Presser Law, P.A. in Lake Mary FL to represent you. 


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