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Benefits of Immediate Medical Care in Injury Cases

What to do after a car accident?  Learn how seeking immediate medical care after an injury can help strengthen your case against insurance company arguments.

How Social Media Can Hurt Your Injury Case

With courts trending to allow insurance companies access to some of your social media posts, learn how to protect yourself and why social media can hurt your injury case.

Warning: Pedestrian injuries on the rise!

of Immediate Medical Care in Injury Cases

Florida is one of the most dangerous places to walk around if you are a pedestrian. With so many injuries to pedestrians, what can you do to avoid these dangerous and deadly accidents?

Dangerous Drivers on Florida Roadways

With almost 1 in 4 drivers on Florida’s roadways with no or low insurance for physical injuries they cause in a crash, it is important you actively protect yourself from these dangerous drivers.

Lights, Cameras….Lawsuits?!?

Surveillance cameras are everywhere. Businesses use these primarily for theft deterrence. So what happens when an injury is caught on camera? 

[Important] Information about Slip/Trip and Falls in Florida

Slip and Falls, and Trip and Falls are so common, Florida has a special law that describes what injury victims must prove in court. 

Small Accidents Can Lead to Serious Injuries

Far too many people think you cannot be injured in low-speed accidents. 

[SIMPLE AND EASY] Reason Why You Need to Document the Injury Scene

Eyewitness testimony is not as reliable as you think. Over time, memories fade making the testimony of eyewitnesses less reliable. 

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