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Dog Bite Lawyer Altamonte Springs, FL

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gray dog snarling and showing teeth behind chain link fenceDog Bite Lawyer Altamonte Springs, FL

You always need to hire a personal injury lawyer to help you with a case. If you or someone you know was bitten by a dog and sustained serious injuries from the event, you need to contact a dog bite lawyer in Altamonte Springs, Florida, like one from Presser Law, right away. Your lawyer will make sure that you get the medical care you need, no matter what the costs are, and will try his or her best to get compensation back for the damages involved in your case. 


Get Proper Medical Care

It is important to act with haste when dealing with a dog bite injury. You do not want to have lifelong issues or scars from the attack. The sooner you seek medical assistance, the faster you will be able to begin the process of recovering. You may need reconstructive surgeries if you were injured and have visible scars. It will likely work much better if you get these surgeries when your injuries are still fresh. 


Hire an Experienced Lawyer

Even if you are not done getting treatments yet, you need to hire a lawyer who can begin working on your case while you continue getting treatments for your injuries. He or she will also be able to start keeping track of every single one of your medical costs associated with this injury. 


Get Compensation for the Accident

You deserve to be compensated for everything you are going through. There are many expenses that come along with getting injured from a dog bite. Some of the most common include: 


  • Cost of the initial visit to the emergency room. 
  • Cost of the surgery or multiple surgeries that are needed to help heal from the dog bite injury. 
  • Cost of any physical therapy that is needed in order to recover from the injuries sustained. 
  • Damages for pain and suffering. This is sometimes dismissed by a judge, but may be considered if the injuries sustained were particularly traumatic. This might be if disfigurement was involved in the injury or you were severely injured and cannot get your normal working body back. 


Your lawyer will be able to determine how much would be a fair payout in a settlement and how much you should seek in court. 


Do Not Wait to File

You should never wait to seek compensation in a dog bite injury accident. There is a statute of limitations in place for personal injury accidents. You do not want to miss the deadline for filing. Your lawyer may also want to investigate the accident scene soon after it happened to collect any witness statements while they are still fresh in people’s minds and see if there could be any valuable proof of what happened. Your lawyer can begin taking care of this while you focus on healing. Contact a dog bite lawyer in Altamonte Springs, FL from Presser Law today to get started.