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Car Accident Lawyer Deltona, FL

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Car Accident Lawyer in Deltona, FL


Car Accident Lawyer Deltona, FLWhen you are hoping to file a personal injury claim after you were injured in a rear-end collision, it is time to seek help from a car accident lawyer Deltona, Florida knows and trusts from Presser Law, P.A. Because personal injury laws are different in every state, it is never safe to assume that you will be successful in a personal injury claim or that you will not need the help of a lawyer. If you were injured in a rear-end accident, you might believe that it is clear who is at fault for your injuries. However, this is not necessarily the case, especially because Florida is a no-fault state. In no-fault states, the person who was injured is still expected to look to their own insurance company for help. 


Are there circumstances that allow me to go outside of my Insurance Company? 


Absolutely. And in no-fault states especially, it is wise to get the help of a lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases, like a car accident lawyer in Deltona, Florida, because they will know which circumstances may warrant filing outside of, or in addition to, your insurance. For example, if your injuries are rather severe and treatment will be very expensive, your lawyer may recommend filing a claim outside of your insurance. In Florida, you must carry a $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP) policy. This is useful in smaller accidents where you will not really be going to doctor’s appointments or need extended care. However, even in the case of a rear-end accident, you may be dealing with more severe injuries that require you to step outside of your own policy. 


What will a lawyer be looking for? 


When you begin working with a lawyer, they will want to know basic information about your case: 


-What caused the accident? 

-How severe are your injuries?

-Have you seen a doctor? 

-What is your prognosis?

-What kinds of treatment do you require for your injuries? 

-Are your injuries going to affect you in the long term? 


Answering these questions will help give you and your lawyer an idea of how severe your injuries are and whether you will be able to get the coverage you need from your insurance or whether you should file a claim against the other driver’s insurance. At this point, it is extremely helpful to work with a lawyer who specializes in this area of the law. They will be able to speak with insurance agents, medical experts, and negotiate on your behalf so that you do not have to worry about doing any of this while you are recovering from your injuries. 


Get the Help You Need Today! 


Are you injured after a rear-end accident and believe that you have what you need to file a claim against the driver who caused the accident? Reach out to Presser Law, P.A. to speak with our car accident lawyer in Deltona, Florida now.