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Insider Tips For Uber Accidents

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uber accidentsDid you know that you could recover a substantial amount of compensation if you incurred injuries from an Uber accident? However, the claims received by Uber are different compared to other vehicle accident claims. This is due to the nature of Uber, and the nuances involved with using a rideshare service. To avoid mistakes in how your claim is handled, here are some insider tips on what to do next.

If you were injured in a collision while as a passenger in an Uber, how much you get for injuries and other damages will vary on several factors, including at which stage of the Uber trip the incident occurred. It isn’t uncommon for injured Uber passengers to get help from a reliable uber accident lawyer, to ensure they are getting the most repayment possible.

Suing Uber Driver May Not Work
If the Uber driver was not on the clock when they caused an accident, you may need to file a claim with that driver’s personal insurance company. How much compensation you receive will be based on the insurance policy limits the driver has. If you sue the Uber driver directly, they may or may not have enough assets to pay you. Your legal team, similar to Norris Injury Law, can find out if the driver has assets to where filing a lawsuit would be worth the time and energy.

Suing Uber For Negligence
When an Uber driver is using the app, their actions typically are categorized under the liability coverage for Uber. But this coverage will depend on at which stage during the trip the accident happened. If the Uber driver’s app is completely off, their own auto insurance covers damages based on policy limits. If the Uber driver had opened the app but did not receive a ride request yet, Uber covers bodily injury and property damage but only to a certain amount.

Lastly, if the Uber driver was on their way to pick up a passenger after accepting a ride service request or was already carrying riders, Uber covers up to a million dollars per accident, including underinsured and uninsured motorist liability coverage, along with potentially other benefits. Usually, insurance will cover damages to an extent, and if it does not, you can sue the driver or Uber. 

Insurance Company Negotiation

Whether you decide to sue the Uber driver’s insurance company or Uber, you can negotiate with them. Many people do not realize they have the option to do this, and may accept the first settlement offer. But, insurance companies often know what the value of a claim is worth, but want to save money, so the initial offer is probably only a fraction of the injured passenger’s total injury costs, damages, and other losses.

When recovering from an Uber accident, don’t forget about the insider tips provided here. You may file a claim with the Uber driver’s insurance company or with Uber the company. Your lawyer can make sure that the path you do take is what yields the most compensation possible for what you have endured.