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 How to File a Drunk Driving Claim with Progressive

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To be hit by a drunk driver can have devastating effects on your life. If you suffered injuries or damages resulting from a drunk driver, you are entitled to compensation. After an accident, you should always receive the insurance information for the other driver. If the other driver has Progressive, you may be wondering how you can make sure you receive adequate compensation. Here is what you need to know about negotiations with Progressive.

File Your Claim

Like most major insurance companies, you need to file a personal injury claim to start the process. Most insurance companies want to pay as little as possible for damages. The adjusters are trained to minimize the amount that they have to pay to you. Before you submit your personal injury claim, you need to craft the best possible claim. You need to communicate the facts of the accident and demand the compensation that you deserve. 

Before you file a claim, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer. He or she will help you figure out how to craft the perfect personal injury claim. Then, when you file your claim, make sure that you take no responsibility for the accident.

Demand Your Settlement

In the initial claim, you need to determine the settlement that you believe you deserve. Then, in writing, explain why you deserve that value. Your lawyer will help you calculate the amount that you deserve. Lawyers take into consideration medical costs, vehicle damages, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Negotiate with Progressive

Sometimes, Progressive will deny claims. If this happens, you can take the next step and file a lawsuit. Most claims do settle out of court, but it is not uncommon to go to court in the case of drunk driving. If you want to negotiate with Progressive, make sure that you appear unwilling to settle or compromise. Most insurers do not want to have to deal with a trial and so if they believe you are ready to go, they may settle.

Dealing with insurance companies after an accident is a hassle. Progressive will try to negotiate a lower cost to avoid paying the high cost of a drunk driving accident. The good news is that drunk driving cases are sometimes easier to prove than other car accidents. If you feel like you have a case and need help filing a claim against Progressive, contact a car accident lawyer, like one from Ward & Ward Law Firm.