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Florida Named Most Dangerous State for Pedestrians

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Florida Named Most Dangerous State for Pedestrians

Florida Named Most Dangerous State for Pedestrians

According to a 2019 report from Smart Growth America and the National Complete Streets Coalition, Florida carries the distinction as the most dangerous state for pedestrians.  The report, Dangerous by Design, found that of the 20 deadliest cities in the United States, 9 were in Florida.

From 2008 to 2017, drivers killed over 49,000 pedestrians walking in large and small communities across the country.  During that same period, Florida accounted for over 5,400 of those deaths, second behind only California.

The Central Florida area, comprising of the OrlandoKissimmeeSanford areas, was ranked the most dangerous metro area in the country with 656 pedestrian deaths from 2008 through 2017.  The  Daytona-Daytona Beach-Ormond Beach area ranked second overall.

The upward trend of pedestrian deaths is also highly troubling.  Between 2008 and 2011, an average of 4,320 pedestrian deaths occurred throughout the county every year.  That number has spiked to 5,850 since 2015.

There are various reasons for the increase of pedestrian deaths on our nation’s streets.  One reason is our continued attention downward at our phones instead of what is in front of or all around us.  However, the Dangerous by Design report also found that the design of roadways themselves, built for speed and vehicle enjoyment, contributed to the increase in pedestrian crashes.

Florida drivers and pedestrians walking along Florida’s roadways need to keep their attention to the areas and dangers around them.  Florida law outlines the duties drivers and pedestrians have when using the roadways and walking areas.  For more information on those duties, click HERE.


Crashes involving vehicles and pedestrians can have devastating effects such as negligent death, brain injury, broken bones and other injuries.  Pedestrians walking near Florida’s roadways need to be careful of the vehicles and dangers around them.


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