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Find Help For Your Personal Injury Case

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Find Help For Your Personal Injury Case

Proper planning can make your personal injury deposition experience much less scary than it seems. The most ideal way of getting the best of what’s in store at your deposition is to talk with your attorney about how this interaction may go. Your attorney has a personal stake in ensuring you handle the opposing counsel’s inquiries the correct way and will ensure you are as ready as could be expected. In the event that you have a particular concern, simply talk to your attorney. 

In a deposition, it is useful to review your responses to the previously completed interrogatories, any accident report, any statements, your doctor’s visit expenses and records, and filings that have been documented with the court. 

To help be best prepared for a deposition, your lawyer, like a civil lawyer in Atlanta, GA from a law firm like The Lynch Law Group, should discuss frequently asked questions in depositions:

Basic Contact Information:

  • Your present address or any addresses you’ve resided at in the last x amount of years.Your work history. If you have a current job or if you are self-employed and how much you are getting paid, and any occupations you’ve held in the course of the last x amount of years. Any reasons for leaving your jobs. This may include being out of work due to an accident.
  • History of existing claims.
  • Criminal history.
  • Previous medical history. This may include facility names and the physicians, treatment dates, details of your treatment.

The Accident and Your Injuries: 

  • Describe the accident. Such as walking through every detail of the accident. Leading up to the accident, during the accident, and immediately following the accident. This may include who you were with before, during, and after, the weather conditions, any conversation you had with any involved parties, etc. 
  • Describe the extent of your injuries. This would include giving the names of each doctor that treated you, your reason for treatment with each specialist, what type of treatment you got from each specialist, how often you’ve been to treatment, and so on. 
  • How have your injuries impacted different parts of your life?

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident or any sort of civil case can be frustrating for every party involved. While depositions are part of the final stretch in civil claims, they can be extremely overwhelming. By speaking with or hiring a civil attorney you can be as prepared as possible. Should you or someone you know be a party in a civil claim, contact an attorney as soon as possible.