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Lake Mary, FL Wrongful Death Lawyer

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The loss of a loved one is a terrible, painful experience, but a Lake Mary, FL wrongful death lawyer may be able to help deliver justice if the loss has come through the fault of a third party. While contacting a lawyer may be the last thing on your mind during a time of mourning, it can be an important step to helping you find peace of mind and financial support within a terrible time. If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence or fault of someone else, contact an attorney at Presser Law, P.A. today to take the first step towards achieving justice.


Understanding Wrongful Death Law

The world of wrongful death law can be complicated and confusing, but a lawyer can do the tough work and navigate the legal system for you. A wrongful death claim is brought forth by a family member of the deceased and alleges that a third party’s negligence was at fault in the death. There are many cases that can be brought forth as wrongful death claims. This includes motor vehicle accident deaths including car, motorcycle, and tractor trailer accidents. It also includes death resulting from pedestrian accidents, medical malpractice, slip or trip and fall, workplace accidents, negligent security, criminal acts, defective products, as well as nursing home neglect and abuse. All of these claims and more can result in compensation for family members of the deceased in order to help them recoup losses from lost financial support, medical and funeral expenses, pain and suffering, and more. A Lake Mary wrongful death attorney can help you understand your claim and what losses can be recovered.


Recovery Under Wrongful Death Law

Florida law has specific regulations of what kinds of damages can be recovered by different parties in a wrongful death claim. Surviving loved ones can be compensated for loss of support or services from the deceased. Spouses can be compensated for loss of companionship as well as pain and suffering. Children can be compensated for loss of parental guidance as well as pain and suffering. Adult children may recover the same if there is no surviving spouse. These are just some of the limitations and regulations surrounding wrongful death claims, and there are more regulations surrounding recovery for additional family members and loved ones. A Lake Mary wrongful death lawyer can help explain the full extent of wrongful death law and how the nuances of Florida law pertain to your case.


How A Lawyer Can Help

If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence or fault of another, it is undoubtedly a very difficult time. A wrongful death lawyer can help take the burden of justice off of your shoulders and give you the peace of mind that they are fighting on your behalf for justice and financial recovery. They will investigate the claim, gather evidence, and ensure that the compensation received is the full and fair amount for your claim. A good lawyer will be a comfort to you in a dark time, and assure you that your case is in good hands. Reach out to an attorney at Presser Law, P.A. as soon as possible to allow them to begin helping you on your path to recovery.


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