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A dog bite is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about what types of injuries you can get from an animal.  However, the scope of how you can be injured from animals is quite broad.  From being knocked to the ground, to being chased or even having an animal run in front of your vehicle, injuries can occur in various ways.  

Regardless of how the injury occurs, the aftermath can be devastating.  Permanent scarring or disfigurement and the need for corrective surgery are only some of the devastating effects animal injuries can cause.  As medical bills accumulate, or time passes with the daily reminder of what happened, injured victims often become frustrated or fearful of similar types of animals.  

If you have been injured because of an animal, contact Presser Law, P.A. for a FREE CASE EVALUATION.  We will immediately start to investigate your case and answer any questions you may have.  You can also visit my blog for even more information regarding dog bite injuries and other topics important to injury victims.

At Presser Law, P.A., we fight for you because justice is what injury victims deserve.  We will provide you with legal guidance and insight about your case and explore issues of fault, causation and damages so that we can fight to bring you the justice you deserve.  

We handle cases throughout Florida and there are no fees or costs unless we make a recovery for you.

Quick FAQs About


  • Q: I know who owns the animal or a report was written identifying the animal and owner, so this is an easy claim, right?

    A:  Not necessarily. Oftentimes, animal owners will assert the victim did something to provoke the animal to cause it to act in an aggressive manner. Due to this, an investigation needs to begin immediately as to how the incident occurred.

    If you have been injured due to an animal, contact Presser Law, P.A. We can immediately start the process of investigating your claim and work with you to explore issues of fault, causation and damages so that we can fight to bring you the justice you deserve.

  • Q: The animal’s owner admits they were wrong, what next?

    A:  An attorney needs to be contacted to determine the availability of any potential insurance.  Many times insurance policies will exclude or limit coverage for injuries caused by animals.  An attorney will need to review the animal owner’s insurance policy and determine whether there is coverage for the incident.

    If you have been injured due to an animal, contact Presser Law, P.A. We will investigate your claim and identify all responsible parties while also obtaining information about the insurance coverages available.

  • Q: How are my medical bills paid for if there is no medical payment coverage?

    A: You or your health insurer will be initially responsible for any medical treatment received because of injuries from an animal.  There also may be additional parties responsible for your injuries than you are aware of.  If you obtain money from the party responsible for your injury, you will be responsible for paying back your medical bills and amounts owed.
  • Q: I have been contacted by someone where I was injured. Should I talk to them?

    A:  Not without representation. Oftentimes, where you were injured will have insurance and it is for reasons of insurance you are being contacted. Remember, insurance companies do not represent you. They have their own concerns and considerations and will work to protect them.  While insurance companies have great advertising, their business model is based on not paying claims or paying less than full value for claims.  

    Speaking to the insurance company without an attorney, you risk being taken advantage of or negatively affecting your claim.

    If you or a loved one have been injured because of someone else’s actions, contact Presser Law, P.A.  We will aggressively pursue your case and explore all issues of fault, causation and damages so that we can fight to bring you the justice you deserve.

  • Q: What should I do after I have been injured because of an animal?

    A:  Contact Presser Law, P.A.  An attorney will personally discuss your claim with you and we will investigate your claim and explain the process to you along the way.


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