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Car accident lawyer Apopka FL

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Car Accident Lawyer Apopka, FL

Summer vacation should be a time for school-age children to relax and enjoy themselves, however teen driver summer break is often increasingly dangerous and sometimes deadly. This is a phenomenon that is so prevalent across the country that has a name, the 100 deadliest days of summer. You might be wondering what the 100 deadliest days of summer are, and this is a term coined by the American Automobile Association or the AAA, that refers to the span between Memorial Day and Labor Day.


During this time teens are about 25% more likely to be involved in fatal car crashes, and this is typically even more alarming when parents consider that car crashes are the leading cause of death in the United States for children’s age 16 to 19.


It should be no surprise that the more inexperienced the teen driver is the more likely they are to be in a crash, especially when you know that on average teen drivers are three times more likely to be in a crash than someone who is 20 years old or older. More troubling is that drivers who are in her license within the last three months during the pandemic, are 1.5 times more likely to be in a crash than any other teen drivers. And this is because the pandemic instituted a various series of lockdown sub did not allow these drivers to practice. Not as much as it would’ve if there had been no lockdown.


So is teens at an early higher risk of being in a car crash and the holidays quickly approaching, it’s probability in action. The longer and inexperienced drivers on the road the more likely they are to be in a crash. But there are a number of factors which if addressed can significantly reduce these costs and potentially save lives. Some of these factors are team passengers, which creates distracted driving because each additional passion of their age group is going to multiply the risk of a fatal crash. This is because teenagers are going to want to talk to their friends and listen to loud music while driving and some are focusing on the road like they should. Speeding is another factor in about one in three team car crashes, the longer the Tina’s had their license the more confident they feel about speeding which means that drivers ages 18 and 19 are most likely to be the kind of crashes.


So if you or your team has been in a car accident you speak to a car accident lawyer in Apopka, FL such as the ones available at Presser Law PA. An experienced lawyer is going to be able to give you and your keen insights into what happened, who is at fault, and if your team was injured as a result of a car accident that they did not cause they will be able to help you get monetary compensation. Presser law PA serves the entire Central Florida area.


Following an accident once you are medically stable, one of the best first steps you can take is to contact a qualified  Apopka, FL car accident lawyer near you. Because if you find yourself the victim of a car accident, you deserve the utmost medical and legal care.  It is a serious life matter and you should understand what legal rights you have as a victim. Presser Law PA understands the severity of this situation and is the kind of legal representation you want by your side during this trying time. Your life change in an instant following a motor vehicle crash, and there is an overwhelming amount of aftermath you unfortunately have to deal with. One of the most valuable elements of having a lawyer is the ability to highly focus on your mental and physical recovery. You cannot handle this life event on your own, and you shouldn’t have to navigate the legal steps by yourself.


Another benefit to hiring an Apopka car accident lawyer is securing the confidence of building the best case possible for yourself. An attorney can analyze the facts and evidence at hand, gather eyewitnesses, and any other pertinent information. Skilled advisory with previous experience can evaluate an accident from all angles so that ultimately no stone is left unturned while making the case against the at-fault party. While building your case on your behalf, we will also handle all communication with the insurance company on your behalf so you don’t have to. The insurance company of the at-fault party will likely look for various ways to undervalue your case, and legal representation on your behalf will make sure you are not taken advantage of in any way.


An Apopka car accident lawyer will also explore every source of liability and insurance coverage in order to maximize your compensation. More specifically, we will look at your medical records, injuries, and any other damage caused to have an in-depth understanding of your case. It’s imperative that you are treated fairly as a victim. We want to remove as much work from you as possible so you can keep moving forward in your personal life because, in some instances, car accident cases can take a lengthy amount of time to resolve. The last thing you want is to deal with exhausting paperwork and legal proceedings on your own time.


Presser Law PA is available to review your case and help you figure out the next best steps to take following an accident. Working with one of our attorneys will give you the comfort and security you deserve during this difficult time. As a victim, you should not have to suffer any further beyond the initial emotional and physical you have suffered from an accident. We are here to defend you, and your loved ones, and to also fight for your basic rights. You should not have to face this adversity alone. Don’t hesitate to contact our offices today if you are looking for legal guidance after a crash.


7 Steps To File a Car Accident Claim 


If you wish to maximize the amount that you can be compensated for, follow these critical steps with the help of an Apopka, FL car accident lawyer. Being involved in a car accident can be a stressful experience, but knowing how to navigate the process of filing a car accident claim can help alleviate some of the burden. 


Prioritize Safety and Gather Information


Get to a safe location and tend to others injured in the accident if you are able to. Move your vehicle to a safe location if possible and call emergency services if needed. Next, gather important information such as the other driver’s name, contact details, license plate number, insurance information, and any witness statements. Document the scene with photos or videos to serve as evidence.


Report the Accident


Always contact the police and first responders as soon as possible. A police report can provide an official record of the incident and help support your claim. Provide them with accurate and detailed information about what happened. Remember to request a copy of the report for your records.

Notify Your Insurance Company


Inform your insurance company that you have been in a serious car accident. Provide them with all the necessary details, including the information you collected from the other driver. Be truthful and accurate when explaining the events leading up to the accident. Your insurance company will guide you through the claim process and provide you with the necessary forms to complete.


Seek Medical Attention


Even if you believe your injuries are minor, it is essential to seek medical attention following a car accident. Having records from a medical professional can greatly boost your claim because it serves as key evidence. Obtain a comprehensive medical report detailing all injuries sustained, treatments received, and ongoing medical care requirements.

Document Damages


Compile a clear and accurate list of all the damages from the accident. This includes property damage to your vehicle, personal belongings, and any additional expenses such as car rental fees. Take photographs of the damage, keep repair receipts, and maintain a log of any other accident-related costs. This documentation will be crucial when negotiating a settlement with the insurance company.


Consult an Attorney


If the accident resulted in significant injuries or complex circumstances, it may be beneficial to consult a personal injury attorney. A competent Apopka car accident lawyer from Presser Law, P.A. can do several tasks for you such as give you legal counsel, advise you on steps you need to take and represent you in a trial if necessary. They will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and represent your best interests.


File Your Claim


You can file your claim once you have the necessary paperwork, evidence, and other materials you need to include with it. Submit all the relevant documents and evidence to your insurance company, following their guidelines and deadlines. Be sure to retain copies of all documents for your own records.


Filing a car accident claim can be a complex process, but by following these seven steps, you can navigate it more effectively. Prioritize safety, gather information, report the accident, notify your insurance company, seek medical attention, document damages, and consider consulting an attorney. With proper preparation and attention to detail, you can increase your chances of receiving the compensation you deserve. Contact a qualified Apopka car accident lawyer from Presser Law, P.A. to assist you with your accident claim now to recover your losses.

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